I’m regularly hired by amateur and professional models, sex workers, and other adult entertainers for the purpose of creating print-quality sensual art images for their portfolio collections or for promotional purposes. I also provide photography services for couples and women looking to create images for private collections, including boudoir, glamour, fetish, and erotica. Though I occasionally will work on a TFP or content trade basis when a particular project or model piques my interest, nearly all my collaborations at this stage in my career are on a for-hire basis. However, my rates are quite reasonable by professional standards. That said, I will periodically hire models for specific photographic projects, but these days that’s only once or twice a year.

I live in Philadelphia, but I regularly travel for my work. Please see my Schedule for where I’ll be next.

I do not maintain or operate my own studio, as part of my visual aesthetic involves exploring new spaces and environments with the pro and amateur models with whom I work. I love the challenges and surprises that fresh locales provide. This also helps to minimize costs and expand versatility in my work. For this reason, my prices do not include the cost of renting space in order to shoot. Any proposed location-based rental costs or travel costs are in addition to the prices below.

PACKAGE 1: 2-hour photo shoot, including set-up and take-down. Minimum 40+ final processed high-resolution digital images delivered within 30 days after shoot date. Cost: $350

PACKAGE 2: 4-hour photo and video shoot, including set-up and take-down. Minimum 40+ final processed high-resolution digital images delivered within 30 days after shoot date. In addition, model is provided with a digital file of all unprocessed images and video and contracted permission to use all photo and video content as the model sees fit. Cost: $600

EVENT SHOOTS: I’m available for public event shoots on a case-by-case basis for an hourly rate, specializing in private adult events, including photographic support of adult content shoots, BDSM parties, swing lifestyle parties, and adult convention afterparties. Cost: $100 per hour


I view every photo shoot as a collaboration between photographer and model. Leading up to any shoot, I share and receive ideas; discuss themes, content, and goals; and communicate fully about what to expect the day of the shoot. I’m a proponent of informed consent, so much like the doctor/patient relationship, it is my responsibility as the photographer to get ongoing consent from the model before, during, and after a photo shoot. This can apply to what type of images will be taken; what type of poses and states of undress are asked of the model; how sexualized the images will be; what, if any, fetish elements will be part of the shoot, including any elements that might bind the model, restrict movement, cause temporary loss of breath or any of the senses, or create physical and/or emotional discomfort; whether the model’s face is to be shown in the images; and so on. For this reason, I will always provide any needed professional references to models. Also, I respect and maintain all boundaries, including (but not limited to):

  • Only touch the model when given affirmative and ongoing verbal permission

  • Never touch the model inappropriately

  • Don’t bring up any topics that could potentially make the model feel uncomfortable

  • When necessary, have a third party present, ideally someone trusted by the model or someone of the same sex as the model

  • Be organized, be professional, be kind

If you’d like to work with me, I would love to hear from you. Simply click on the Contact Me link above.


“David is professional and artistic, and his direction created some amazing images. I highly recommend angry pony photography, and I will work with him again.” —Rachel Steele, adult actress and producer (Twitter: @RedMILFRachel)

“I shot with Angry Pony in an apartment in London. He chose the building well, as we managed to get a huge variety of different shots. His communication pre-shoot was great, sending me pictures of the location so we could discuss ideas in advance. He was very easy to get along with and I felt comfortable working with him. I received a huge number of edited images within a short amount of time, and they were absolutely amazing. This was one of my favourite shoots ever, and I would love to work with him again some time!” —CJ Fitzgerald, model (IG: @cj.fitzgerald Twitter: @CJFitzgerald316)

“David is a consumate professional! He made me feel comfortable, he knows how shoot for curvy girls, and he made my skin look great. Great experience.” —Blair Hart, SW (Twitter: @kissblairhart)