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David Corey

I have worked in the creative arts field for more than two decades as a writer, editor, publisher, and photographer. My photography fills a creative gap that writing has left open, allowing me the opportunity to express views of beauty and sexuality that the pen can't.

My goal is to produce fresh, weird, fun, and surprising images that capture the contrast (and collusion) between naughty and nice, feminine and masculine, innocent and corrupt, and artistic and tasteless. While desire and temptation are implicit in all the work, I strive to ensure the images also possess expressions of body and mood that transcend sex alone. Some are simply weird. Others uncomfortable. Others overtly sensual. Others beautiful for reasons beyond the form itself. I'm especially interested in working with both professional and amateur models who understand that beauty has many perspectives, and that capturing pretty images is less important than capturing memorable ones.

My home base is Philadelphia, but I also occasionally travel for my work. If you're interested in working with me, please feel free to send me a note.