Angry Pony Media d.b.a. In the Margins Press and Amberly Rothfield seek contributions from experienced in-person and online sex workers of all types who have at least 3-5 years experience working in the sex trade. An individual contribution consists of a personal letter written by a sex worker to other sex workers about any aspect of the sex trade, either personal or professional. The tone of each letter should be personable, empathetic, and include one of more of the following: advice, inspiration, a personal story, a cautionary tale. It can cover subject areas both dark and light; it can be intimate, political, playful; It can include such subjects as mental health (including depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.), safety, family and relationships, substance abuse, work advice, self-care advice, one’s journey into sex work, one’s journey out of sex work, best sex work experience, worst sex work experience, expectations versus reality, avoiding pimps and others who take advantage, doxxing and harassment, biggest lessons learned, and so on. The goal of each letter should be to promote a sense of community in the sex worker reader, whether it is by inspiring, advising, cautioning, or simply legitimizing his/her/their decision to participate in the consentual sex industry. These letters should be written with love for the people who work in the sex trade.

We’ll accept submissions from people who work in one or more of the following: escorting, camming, fetish modeling, exotic dancing, porn and fetish performance and content production (both video and audio), domination and submission, exotic fetish services, phone sex, erotic massage, sex work advocacy and law, and so on.

Length: Each letter should be between 250 - 2,500 words

Format: Personal letter

Deadline: December 15th, 2019

Target Publication Date: June 2, 2020 (International Sex Workers Day)

Compensation: 10 copies of finished book, plus by-line in table-of-contents and chapter of book

If interested, please email either Amberly Rothfield ( or David Corey ( for more details and guidance. Include your professional name, your sex work experience, and you contact information, including social media, with your correspondance.


TO SEX, WITH LOVE: Love Letters to the Sex Work Community from the People Who Live It

Dedicated to consentual sex workers of all types wherever they may be, To Sex, with Love is a collection of 75+ letters written by sex workers, for sex workers. This inspirational collection of letters written by successful and experienced SWs shares the struggles and lessons they learned in their careers, celebrates their achievements, and empowers the next generation to find their independence, pride, and ambition in the real and legitimate work they do.

Intersectional in focus, the sex workers in this collection represent a variety of genders, ethnicities, ages, body types, and sexual preferences and come from a broad spectrum of sex work backgrounds (including full-service sex work/escorting, camming, fetish modeling, exotic dancing, porn and fetish performance and content production, domination and submission, exotic fetish services, phone sex, and erotic massage, to name a few), capturing the diversity of the sex worker experience, while putting all forms of consentual sex work on an even field. Letters in this collection cover a broad range of topics, from safety, violence, legal issues, and self-care to community building, entrepreneurial thinking, and personal relationships. At times raw and honest, funny and surprising, angry and political, beautiful and inspiring, these letters send a clear message to all sex workers: you are seen and you are respected. And you are loved.

All profits for To Sex, with Love will go to the Sex Workers Outreach Project - USA, a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities; the Adult Performers Actors Guild, the union for adult video and cam performers, past and present, to provide education, health care, and protection of performers rights; and to Pineapple Support, a free support and therapy service for people working in the online adult industry.


The following is a list of suggested prompts for letter submissions. This is to help guide the direction of any written submissions received. This is merely a suggested list. All contributors may write on any topic they wish so long as it relates to the personal well-being and support of sex workers.

  • How did it feel the first time you were compensated for a sexual act or performance?

  • What was your darkest period in sex work, and how did you overcome it?

  • What advice would you give to your younger self about sex work?

  • How did you come out to your family/friends about your chosen career?

  • How did you build a supportive community in sex work?

  • Do you have a set of ethics or rules you stand by in doing your work in order to maintain a level of self-care?

  • What are your go-to self-care practices?

  • What was your best day as a sex worker?

  • What ghosts from your past did you overcome through sex work?

  • What empowers you the most about the work that you do?

  • What are the best ways to give back to the sex work community?

  • If you were asked what are the three biggest hazards of sex work, what would they be?

  • Have you ever had an experience with law enforcement around your work? What advice would you give to others in the same situation?

  • Are you a parent? How do you balance sex work with being a parent?

  • Are you in a relationship? How do you balance sex work with dating/relationships/marriage?

  • Have you ever been doxxed? What did you do about it? What advice do you have to protect others?

  • Do you provide sex work for people who don’t align with your sexuality (straight for pay/gay for pay/bi for pay)? What advice do you have for others who also provide services to those of other sexualities?

  • Are you trans? What special advice do you have for other trans providers for staying safe in the world of sex work?

  • Do you like your work? Why? Why not?

  • What is your financial advice as it relates to sex work?

  • What is your funniest client story?

  • What is your favorite industry story?

  • What is the most personally rewarding part of your work besides standard top-level work rewards like revenue?